Biovision has many years of experience in the development of biodegradable polymers and ceramics. The bioresorbable products have been successfully used as resorbable bone substitute materials in dental medicine and orthopedics.

The used polylactide has set standards with resorbable implants. Over the last years the demand in the market for bio-resorbable implants has substantially grown, especially due to the propagation of minimal invasive, patient-friendly surgical techniques.

For many years the company Biovision was the only manufacturer that had been able to combine an amorphous polymer with a completely resorbable ceramic into a composite. The certification of the first products was performed in 2006. Through this a completely new market segment was opened to the company Biovision.

The company has patents and brand names of own products that were developed internally. In addition contract production and development is undertaken. All products are sold throughout Germany and internationally through various marketing partners that have their own marketing network.